Thank You to our Supporting Organisations

By 19 October 20162016 News

This is the time where we would like to thank all the supportive brands and organisations for their dedication to the Bowral Classic event.

A big mention to all the charity organisations who have gotten behind our event as much as the entrants themselves have.

We want to promote fun and friendly competition and the charities helped us by measuring the amount of money raised with our ‘You Choose, You Decide’ fundraising scheme.

Accumulatively you guys have raised well over $78,000 dollars for charity and that number is still growing!

We would also like to thank all the generous brands that have been involved in the months leading into the event.

Also, a special mention to the local businesses who will benefit from the event when our amazing entrants spend the afternoon in the scenic Southern Highlands.

Finally, a big thank you to YOU! Without you, the enthusiastic entrant, we wouldn’t have much of an event at all! You’ve prepared successfully and you’re on your way to conquering a goal you set out to achieve when you registered.

Congrats to you, and we will see you all on October 23.

Be sure to hang around after for a laugh and some entertainment at the post-event village!