Top five places to visit in the Southern Highlands

By 12 August 20192019 News

Come for the cycling, stay for everything else! The Southern Highlands is an amazing region known for its sophisticated country charm.

But what is there to do in the region away from the Bowral Classic? We went off the beaten track to find a few of these beauties.

Bradman Museum

Not exactly off the beaten track but a must-see for anyone visiting this part of the world. Doubling as the International Cricket Hall of Fame, the Bradman Museum is a celebration of one of the finest sportsmen in world history.

Not only does the museum pay testament to the Don’s achievements with the bat but also his deep and lasting impact on Australian culture. A symbol of hope for an entire country during the Great Depression, Bradman stands unchallenged as the finest athlete to come from these shores.

Even better, you can grab a coffee and something sweet from the Bradman Cafe afterwards.

Image courtesy The Bradman Museum

Gumnut Patisserie

Food, glorious food! If there’s just one place you visit during your time in Bowral it simply must be the famous Gumnut Patisserie.

This award-winning establishment is located right on Bong Bong Street and is home to some of the finest pastries, desserts and cakes we’ve ever laid eyes on.

The Bowral Classic personally recommends the vanilla slice.

Image courtesy Gumnut Patisserie

Berkelouw Book Barn

This one may be a little out of town but it’s certainly worth the trip. Located on the idyllic Bendooley Estate, the Berkelouw Book Barn is a reader’s paradise.

Described as ‘Australia’s most atmospheric bookstore’, the barn houses a wide range of literature, from brand new to much-loved to exceedingly rare.

Throw in the stone fireplace and attaching restaurant and bar and you have a brilliant afternoon outing.

Image courtesy Bendooley Estate

The Post Office Moss Vale

Now before you jump to conclusions no this isn’t the actual Post Office! Well, at least not these days.

Located right next to the train station, this trendy cafe occupies the same space as Moss Vale’s former mailroom.

While it may not boast the culinary delights of the Gumnut, The Post Office is a relaxed space, perfect for a cuppa and a bite to eat.

It features a mural documenting the building’s history and how important it was to life in the area from 1891 until the 1990s.

Definitely one to check out.

Image courtesy The Post Office Cafe


Brewsters Coffee and Record Shop

One for the music lovers! Brewsters Coffee and Record Shop is exactly as it sounds. With on-site roasting, the coffee is outstanding as are the vast collections of records and music books.

Located in Mittagong, Brewsters is a must for any record collectors!

Image courtesy Brewsters Coffee and Record Shop