Five Road Rides While You’re In The Bowral Region

By 3 August 20222022 News
Getting down to Bowral a few days before the ride or planning to stay on a few days longer? We’ve spoken to some of the local cycling enthusiasts and come up with five of the region’s top road rides … so here goes.


A 40km loop that features around 400m of climbing, this one’s a cracker. Quite possibly the most ridden cycling route in the Southern Highlands, it includes beautiful rolling hills and will take between 1hr 15min to 1hr 45min to complete. Want more info? Check out the Strava link below


Another common route ridden numerous times per day by local riders in the know, this loop traces the first quarter of the Bowral Classic Maxi Classic. It is a challenging but very rewarding ride and features several tough hills. But don’t let those climbs deter you – the breathtaking scenery makes it all worth while.

Macquarrie Pass return

This 75km loop is not exactly an easy one but is memorable and spectacular. The route takes you from 690m down to just 21m at Albion Park (near Wollongong). You will descend the 9km Macquarrie Pass and then have to make the challenging return climb. This ride is not for the faint hearted, it’s a tough one and usually takes between 3 and 4 hours (including breaks).

Tallong Return

A relatively flat 100-120km out-and-back ride, it includes several ‘dead’ sections of road that will test your patience. But otherwise it’s a very cruisy ride and enjoyable outing.

Avon Dam

This ride takes you up north to Avon Dam, where you will climb 3 short (3km) hills. You descend all the way to Avon and climb your way out. It is a very scenic ride and will provide many great photo ops.