Clare Valley Boutique Winemaker Ben Jeanneret Explains His Passion For ‘Australia’s Best Kept Secret’

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Established in 1992 by the Jeanneret family, Clare Classic Local Partner Jeanneret Wines are ever-proud of the ‚Äėnaturally perfect‚Äô wines they produce. With¬†With¬†three¬†vineyards and¬†80¬†acres of low yielding, well-manicured vines, the company has been producing¬†Riesling,¬†Shiraz, Cabernet, Grenache, Merlot¬†and Malbec for over two decades.

We recently spoke with company co-owner and head winemaker Ben Jeanneret, a passionate advocate of not just his fine wines but the Clare Valley region itself.

Clare Classic: Ben, thanks for speaking with us and supporting the Clare Classic Рcan you tell us about your winery and produce?


Ben Jeanneret samples a glass of his boutique wine at the Jeanneret Winery in the Clare Valley.


Ben Jeanneret: At Jeanneret Wines we make wines that reflect the vintage and our unique terroir. I want my wines to be a history of the seasons ‚Äď a reminder of the vintages from which they were created.¬† We make full bodied, flavoursome and generous wines that reflect our passion and personalities.

The winery is nestled between two ranges on the western edge of the Clare Valley, up against the Spring Gully conservation.  It’s a beautiful and tranquil location that provides endless inspiration for our craft.  It’s also a very nice place to visit and enjoy our wines.

CC: Many of us who enjoy quality wine don’t realise the long path from the vineyard to the table Рcan you tell us more about what’s involved and what makes your wines so unique?

BJ: Well, our vineyards and our terroirs are what make our wines unique.  The way we grow our grapes, the way we prune our vines, when we choose to pick our grapes, fermentation temperature, yeast selection all contribute to our unique products.  The list of inputs that lead from the soils of the vineyard to the wine in the glass is long and more complex than most people appreciate and is what makes boutique winemaking a craft rather than a science.

A stunning glass of Jeanneret Cabernet Malbec, a perfect and delicious blend of the two varieties resulting in a fresh, rich wine with lashings of dark fruit character, great structure and a firm yet soft finish.

The Jeannette winery and cellar door, a must-visit location when in the Clare Valley.

CC: For those who haven’t visited the region before can you give the top three reasons to visit – why the Clare Valley?

BJ: Clare’s a very beautiful area of mixed farming.  There’s fields of canola and cereal crops and sheep and cattle surrounding a relatively small strip of very pretty vineyards.  Visually, The Valley is stunning.  We’ve got great wines, great accommodation and great food all offered by friendly and hospitable people.

CC: The cycling event is set to showcase the Clare Valley to thousands of cyclists and their families – what does news of this event mean to you?

BJ: For me it’s exciting news and an excellent opportunity for thousands of people to get a small insight into one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Ben, thank you very much for your time and we are particularly excited to spend time with you in that ‘best kept secret’, the Clare Valley.