Winemaker Spotlight: Grosset Wines Of The Clare Valley

By 27 March 20182018 News

Jeffrey Green of Grosset in the Clare Valley.

Grosset Wines is an independently owned winery producing nine highly regarded premium wines each vintage. Established in 1981, the winery is situated in the historic township of Auburn in South Australiaā€™sĀ Clare Valley.

There are four estate-owned vineyards; each is located in higher altitude country just north of the winery; each is certified organicĀ andĀ allĀ fruit is hand-picked and processed through the organically certified winery at Auburn.

While in its fourth decade, annual production is capped at 11,000 cases (dozens), predominantly produced from twenty-two hectares of estate vineyards. Just 25% is exported, yet Grosset Wines has developed a significant international profile by producing wines deemed consistently outstanding; benchmarks in their class.

We enjoyed speaking with Jeffrey of Grosset Wines in the lead up to April 8’s Clare Classic.

1: Thanks for speaking with us and supporting the Clare Classic – can you tell usĀ about your winery and products.

We believe in producing the best examples of variety and place; Clare Valley rieslingsĀ which express dramatic differences between soft and hard rock sites, and uniquely sited cabernet from the coolest placeĀ in the region. Our first vintage was 1981. We love to innovate and to increase the profile of the region as an capable of producing outstanding wines.Ā 

2: Many of us who enjoy quality wine donā€™t realise the long path from the vineyard to the table ā€“ can you tell us more about whatā€™s involved and what makes your wines so unique?

Our challenge is to make the most of this unpolluted environment. We work organically and are not afraid to use different approaches to show grape variety and vineyard at their best. Each wine we make is testament to this philosophy.

3: For those who haven’t visited the region before can you give the ā€˜Top 3ā€™ reasons to visit – Why the Clare Valley?

  1. The region has extraordinary natural beauty.
  2. It’s rolling hill landscape is clean and unpolluted, more rural than tourist focussed and, as some of the buildings show, has a history going back 175 years.
  3. The Riesling Trail is a walking/riding trail thatā€™s a great way to see the region.

4: The cycling event is set to showcase the Clare Valley to thousands of cyclists and their families – What does news of this event mean to you?

The Clare Valley is still not well known beyond those keen wine followers who appreciate its Rieslings and reds. Its a great chance for more people to experience this peaceful rural landscape.