Top five tips for new Gran Fondo riders

By 3 February 20202020 News

Gran Fondo. It’s a big word and very European. But don’t worry, it doesn’t doesn’t mean you have to spend months and months getting into shape. In fact, just follow these basic steps and you’ll be ready to enjoy the 2020 Clare Classic without a care in the world! 

Take it easy 

The Eagles made it famous but it’s time for you to turn it into your personal motto. If you only ride 20km every Sunday, the 50km Social Classic is the one for you.

As you can probably tell by its name, the Social Classic is a more leisurely affair, allowing like-minded riders to take advantage of the course and roll through the picturesque Clare Valley without a care in the world. 

The 2020 Clare Classic is all about fun.

That being said, try and create a training plan 

So, you’ve weighed up your options and chosen the Classic course for you. What next? Well, one important thing to do is to set a training plan. Whether you’re fit as a fiddle and taking on the 160km Maxi Classic or wanting a more leisurely experience with the Social, draw up a plan and stay disciplined with it. The Clare Classic is not a race but being ready for your chosen course means you’ll get so much more from your day’s riding. 

Book your travel and accommodation early 

One of the best ways to get committed to any challenge is to lock things in. Booking time off, signing up for the ride, figuring out how to get there and booking somewhere to stay nice and early will not only save you money but it’ll get you motivated from the off. There are some simply stunning hotel options in Clare Valley from modern hotels to historic B&Bs.

Planning your Clare Classic weekend? Ensure your bike and gear is all sorted out and ready to go.

Get your mates involved 

If you’ve never done a Gran Fondo before, see if you have any friends who have and see if they fancy doing the Clare Classic. Or find out which friends have a bike and create your own team! One of the best things about the Classics series, and cycling in general, is the mateship you feel out there on the bike together. 

Prepare to get hooked 

Once you do your first ride, guaranteed it won’t be your last. The feeling of riding on clear roads in some of the most beautiful regions in Australia is unlike any other.  

Check out the video below to see what we’re on about!