Preparing Your Bike For The 2022 Mudgee Classic

With less than a month to go now is the perfect time to ensure your bike will be 100% ready for the Mudgee Classic.

We recently spoke with the pros at Shimano Australia and asked get their advice on how to best prepare a bike for a gruelling Gran Fondo event.

One of the last things you want on event day is to ride a few kilometres and encounter a mechanical. This could either slow you down – or even worse – end your ride altogether! Especially if it’s something that could have been easily avoided in the first place.

The best advice is to visit your local bike shop prior to the event but we’d suggest doing that sooner rather than later!

Have your bike inspected, serviced and any worn-out consumables replaced – drivetrain components (chainrings, cassette, chain, pulley wheels) and brake pads. Plus. Cables if you’re using mechanical shifting and/or rim brakes.

Don’t forget to flip your cycling shoes over and check them as well! Worn cleats can make clipping in difficult or, worse, cause you to unclip unnecessarily. It us best to change them at least a week or two before the Classic so you are familiar with the feeling of fresh cleats.

“Shimano components are engineered to work together as a system,” a company rep told us. “While alternatives might exist – we insist on asking your local bike shop to use Shimano Original Parts. The result is optimal performance and longevity from your components; and that they function together the way they were designed to.”


Shimano Original Parts

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