Gallery: Shimano’s Latest 12 Speed Dura Ace & Ultegra Groupsets

Shimano’s highly-anticipated switch to 12-speed arrived in late 2021, the world’s top drivetrain and groupset manufacturer launching its latest Dura Ace and Ultegra series.

While the jump to a 12-tooth cassette is headline feature, the new R9200 Dura Ace and R8100 Ultegra have wireless shifting with the derailleur being powered via the traditional seat tube battery, and the redesigned shifters each holding a flat cell battery.

Shifting is Shimano’s fastest ever, with processing speeds across both models resulting in a 58% decrease in rear derailleur operating time and 45% faster response and quicker shifting up front.

Signal wise, the company have developed a proprietary electronic transmission system for higher security and lower power consumption. This operates alongside an ANT+ connection for data transmission to third party devices.

Shimano say that single internal battery makes for simpler charging and offers a higher voltage along with a more stable connection to the derailleurs. This, in turn, assist with shift speed speed. A bar end charge port is still available, and the rear derailleur features a charge port.

Battery life wise, factory figures show the internal battery offers 1000 km between charges. The STI shifters take coin-style CR1632 batteries which last for approximately 1.5 -2 years of usage.

To further increase battery capacity a fully wired option is also possible. This uses a smaller diameter and more efficient wiring that Shimano says it offers a 50% increase in shifter battery life.

New Dura Ace Highlights

Shimano’s premium R9200 Dura Ace series moves to 12-speed Di2-only and will be available in disc or rim-brake set-up with wireless shifters, 54-40T chain rings and 11-34T along with 11-30T cassettes.

The series includes a new power meter, updated brake technology, redesigned hydraulic brake callipers and a new line-up of tubeless and tubular wheels.

Battery charging is performed via a port on the rear derailleur. A new 4-pin plug provides the power.

Rear Derailleur

The RD-R9250 rear derailleur is a slicker, lighter and more integrated design. It features a hidden charging port, a button for Di2 operations and LED lights to advise of Synchronized Shifting mode, settings mode or charging info.


The revised ST-R9270 shifters are slightly higher than their predecessors, with a raised head portion. They also feature a slight but noticeable inward curve for more comfort and better anatomical fit. Shimano say this creates an increased area between the shifter and the handlebar that equates to less hand fatigue and better overall control.

Input From WorldTour Pros

One of the recurring themes throughout an hour plus video launch presentation was the significant input Shimano’s pro riders have offered with the updates.

Shimano say the new shifters offer better index finger and thumb grip on the hoods, and a better 3-finger grip behind the brake lever. The paddles are slightly larger, and there’s a slightly increased offset between Di2 buttons on the lever, allowing for better differentiation between the up-shift and down-shift button.

The company say this will especially help those using long-fingered gloves or riders with wet fingers.

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