Castelli: Technical apparel at an affordable price

By 6 August 2019Sponsors News

Technical apparel at an affordable price – Castelli makes some of the finest cycling apparel in the world – so why would you want anything else for your club or team?

In conjunction with the Castelli Servizio Corse programme – De Grandi Cycles offers an end-to-end service, guiding you through the design, ordering and delivery process to bring your kit ideas into reality.

You can pick clothing to suit different riding – such as  Pro team wear (as used by Team INEOS); and then more Social wear clothing (offering a more relaxed fit); the triathlon/ironman gear is next level (think Cameron Wurth); and of course there’s protection and accessories – ensuring you get the pro look on every ride.

We’ve discussed the different garments on offer for you and your group/team. Now onto the next step in the project, design.

Jot down your ideas and let us know. The more information in the early stages of design construction the better (if you’re just tweaking an existing design that’s fine too). Pantone colours help us, and we understand you may simply not have the pantone. That’s ok, we can and will help.

Our service for design is generally free (unless we need to have a logo designed) and we’re happy to place designs in the appropriate format. This process takes time so please allow for this when planning.

Contact the Team at De Grandi Cycles today to learn more about the Castelli experience!