Preparing For The 2021 Noosa Classic

With only two weekends to go. Your preparations should be in full gear! We have created this helpful article to help you make sure you’re ready to go on Sunday August 15. 

Your Noosa Classic Checklist

Here’s a handy checklist to help ensure you’ve got everything together for this year’s event!

Your bike – Serviced, the chain lubed, tyres properly inflated and all ready to ride.

• Cycling Kit  – (Suitable for the conditions) . Socks, your Noosa Classic jersey, gloves and an under shirt is always a good idea for the early morning!

• Cycling shoes

• Helmet

• Sunglasses

• Cycling cap

• Photo ID

• Sun Screen

• Multi Tool

• 2 x water bottles

• Your fully charged bike computer

• Nutrition – Muesli bars & nutrition products along with GU Energy products & bananas will be supplied at each rest stop along the way.

• Bike Pump  – One on the bike and a track up in the car for the pre-ride top up. There will be pumps available at the start area but be warned – it will be busy.

• 2 x inner tubes – Riders should be able to change tubes by themselves. Not so familiar with this – it’s a critical skill to have and it would be a good idea to practice before the event.

• An air canister, cartridges & tyre levers.

Why Is Getting My Bike Serviced Crucial?

The build-up to the 2021 Noosa Classic Gran Fondo cycling event has us pretty excited and we’ve been bringing you destination advice, course maps and so much more.

But one thing we haven’t talked about is the all-important bike service.

Much like the automobile, a bike service is something that quite often gets avoided or forgotten despite its essential nature.

Make no mistake, it’s vital everyone registered for Noosa puts their beloved bike in for a check and service at the Local Bike Shop.

Obviously all bikes should be serviced regularly – especially those used for major Gran Fondo events such as the Noosa Classic.

Here’s what to remember:

• Make sure your brake pads – disc or rim – are good condition

• Your wheels are true and rolling well

• Your tyres are ready for at least your chosen distance

• Ensure all hex bolts are properly tightened

• You can do a lot of the above yourself, but we recommend booking a service at your Local Bike Shop just to be sure.

Rider guidebooks will become available soon.

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