Ian’s Amazing Contribution to RizeUp

When the team at the Noosa Classic checked how our amazing riders were going with their fundraising for this year’s event. We were astounded by one individual..

Ian Bailey has raised over $20,000 for his chosen charity. We caught up with Ian last week to learn a little more about his incredible contribution to RizeUp.

Why did you choose RizeUp?

As the managing director of Kmart Group I see thousands of our team members serve millions of customers every week through our stores and this provides us with enormous insights into how people are impacted by social issues and concerns.¬† It worries myself and my team immensely that the strains that are being placed on people, particularly over the past 18 months due to COVID, has resulted in the rise of domestic violence.¬†¬†RizeUp¬†is my charity of choice because domestic and family violence doesn‚Äôt discriminate ‚Äď it can effect anyone, anywhere at¬†anytime¬†and everyone deserves to have a life free of violence.

 The RizeUp team has three main programs:

‚Äļ¬†¬†Rapid Response Program –¬†RizeUp‚Äôs¬†crisis program sources critical items required at a moment‚Äôs notice.

‚Äļ¬†¬†Homes Program –¬†RizeUp¬†sets up and furnishes the homes sourced by specialist services to support clients moving on from domestic violence

‚Äļ¬†¬†Youth Enrichment Support Solutions –¬†RizeUp¬†supports the family by providing items of clothing for children to start at their new school.

What does it mean to you to raise money for domestic violence prevention?

Everyone deserves to feel safe no matter who you are. Through this fundraising, I hope RizeUp can reach more impacted people in need, and help them to move away from violence and towards a happier, healthier life.  I know myself and my family are safe and happy, however many people, through no fault of their own, are not and we all need to help them in the best way we can.

“I encourage everyone who is concerned about domestic violence to please consider supporting¬†RizeUp in any way you can”

You’re on track to be one of the highest ever individual fundraisers over 9 Classics events! How do you personally feel about this and why do you think your campaign has had such an effect?

Well firstly I am thrilled that the many people I have reached out to have connected to RizeUp and want to make a difference! It saddens me that the challenge of domestic and family violence resonates with so many but I am hugely grateful that everyone has taken a stand wanting to work towards a safer and happier environment for all.

I am both humbled and grateful for the support that I and RizeUp have experienced so far.

Have you ever ridden a Classics event other than the 2021 Noosa Classic?

No, this will be my first Noosa Classic and I am really excited to be part of the event.  Being part of the Sunshine Coast community is really important to my family and I, and bike riding is certainly a passion of mine so its great I can combine both whilst raising needed funds for my charity.

What course did you choose to ride and why?

I‚Äôm participating in the 120km Challenge Classic.¬†¬†I cycle most weeks, but not as far as 120km, and also not normally with so many hills ‚Äď It will be a very big challenge and great to cycle on some roads I have not been on before.

What are your top training tips and pre-event prep tips?

Tip number one is have someone great to ride and train with.  I train with my friend John, who is both great company and a strong rider.  We have been building up the training, riding a couple of times a week and averaging a little over 100kms each week in total and focussing on both hilly and flat rides.  Finally eating really well on the day before and during the ride really helps keep energy levels high.

What’s your advice for someone thinking of riding the Noosa Classic?¬†

Give it a go for sure.  If you love bike riding, are fit and also want to make a difference by raising funds for your chosen charity like I have with RizeUp, then join in and make it happen!  These are some of the most beautiful rides in the country.


From the team at the Noosa Classic we wish Ian a huge congratulations and are looking forward to see RizeUp apply these funds to their programs and improve the lives of domestic violence victims. 

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