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Ambassador Spotlight: Veronica Russell

Last but most certainly not least on the Snowy Classic ambassador series is Pro Cycling Coach, Veronica!


The second Snowy Classic is on April 1, 2023. Can you tell us what course you’ll be riding
and how your training has been going?

I’ll be riding the 110km. Training has been super consistent. Enjoying having a goal.

After experiencing the alpine climbs and particularly Beloka at the inaugural Snowy Classic, how are you preparing for the epic climbing at the 2023 event?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience inaugural snowies 2022. I was down in Victoria racing my mountain bike. However, I’m fully charged for my first snowies 2023 and ready to tackle the almighty Beloka. My prep has been a longer ride on the weekend and shorter rides throughout the working week. More specific my shorter rides are dialed for hill reps. Long and short reps. Steady or Vo2. Building strength and endurance. Adding variety into my training week.

Not many of us have the benefit of living near long alpine climbs, how do you get vertical metres into your legs in more urban environments?

We have some pretty wicked hills around Sydney, Manly. Finding the right gradient and let the repeats begin.

Your advice for for riders thinking about the Snowy Classic but yet to register?

It’s a great weekend away with friends, cycling buddies and family. All Classics welcome every fitness level. Start the training!
Get motivated and enjoy that first sip of beer at the end! The reward!

OK, five quick questions –

1. Your weekly kilometre, training hours or altitude targets?  120km-200km a week. Aiming for 4-5 hours on a weekend in the saddle. Two  hours during the week in each ride depending on work sched.

2. Your ultimate Snowy Classic bike and set up? Specialized Allez Comp with added Di2 bling.

3. What’s your preferred nutrition hydration for a 60 to 100km training ride? My preferred food intake during rides- vegimite sandwich, dates, banana, red frogs, fruit cake (100km rides). Electrolytes + H20. Post ride is always my Healthy Empire Smoothie – It’s got the exact amount of recovery goodness. My shorter rides I’ll also have a Healthy Empire Smoothie Pre-and post training rides. Gives me sustenance, energy. Superfoods +

4. Coffee before, during or after a ride? Def before and after.

5.Top recovery tip? A recovery smoothie. Stretch.


Wanna join Veronica in Jindabyne? You can still be apart of the action – but hurry, registrations close this Sunday!

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