By 10 March 20162016 News

Schwalbe tyres have been tried and tested in the pro-peloton, many bike brands also endorse the Schwalbe name due to their unique production quality and performance characteristics.

One thing Schwalbe have continued to do is introduce innovative ideas and technology into their range that focus on performance, durability and ride quality. Now, Schwalbe have combined all three of these elements to create the Schwalbe Pro One.

Schwalbe believe that tubeless tyres are the way of the future and offer as many benefits on the tarmac as they do off the beaten track, proven by intensive practical application at demanding races like the Paris-Roubaix and the Tour de France, but advancements in tubeless technology have put Schwalbe ahead of the competition.

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Introducing MicroSkin, the patented construction of high-tensile micro fabric that is vulcanized together with the rubber compound and the carcass of the tyre for increased performance, ease of installation and safety.

MicroSkin technology produces a high quality high-pressure tubeless tyre that weighs less, has less rolling resistance and offers an increase in puncture resistance over its predecessor the Schwalbe One. In simple figures the tubeless-ready folding tyre weighs 70grams less than any comparable folding tyre in the Schwalbe range and has a 15% decrease in rolling resistance from standard tyre and tube installation due to the lack of friction and deformation of materials.

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As for the installation and maintenance, Schwalbe suggest their Tubeless Easy MicroSkin technology is easier to assemble. The process requires a little liquid sealant but does away with the conversion processes of shaking and re-pumping, offering fault-free, impermeable tubeless operation.

Tubeless tyres are also used at lower pressures, offering a more forgiving ride and increased handling properties without reducing the competitive performance of the rider. The Schwalbe Pro One will suit ambitious race-focused cyclists as well as endurance cyclists looking for all-day ride quality.

Schwalbe have a beneficial partnership with wheel manufacturer DT-Swiss and work closely with them to create tyres that will perform to the highest standard when coupled with their compatible products.

Schwalbe and their Australian distributor BikeBox are proud sponsors of the 2016 Bowral Classic.