You Choose, You Decide: RUOK?

By 27 June 20162016 News

Founded in 2009 by Gavin Larkin the non-for-profit organisation RUOK? was created with the vision that the world could be connected and protected from suicide.

The RUOK? organisation acknowledges that suicide prevention is a complex and sensitive challenge. However, by working tirelessly to develop credible theories they have discovered the power of asking the simple question, “are you ok?”.

RUOK? has a number of support and education programs for schools, universities and workplaces where people can learn about the delicate process of asking someone if they are ok.
RUOK? encourages everyone to reach out and offer their time to listen if they have noticed someone acting differently.

RUOK? equips everyone with a few tips to recognise and assist someone in need.

Like most non-for-profit organisations, RUOK? has recognised the leverage that sports events have for raising funds and awareness about their mission.

Daniel and Ash Holdsworth.

Daniel and Ash Holdsworth.

Daniel Holdsworth, former NRL player for the Cronulla Sharks became an ambassador for RUOK? after his wife Ash, who works for THE UPSIDE, designed the tank top in collaboration with RUOK?.

Holdsworth is the project officer for the NRL School to Work program and works on the ground with school students to create pathways into employment opportunities after school. He recognised the potential that RUOK? could have on his school students to address mental health issues.

RUOK? also promotes living an active and healthy lifestyle, something Holdsworth knows all about.

“Being within the football environment gave me the insight to see how men handle their feelings which they usually suppress.” Holdsworth said, mentioning that his team mates became like his family.

“It’s good to have a hand in helping that change because the more awareness and knowledge people have can emphasise the benefits of a team environment.”

“RUOK? Is a great campaign because asking ‘are you ok’ is such a simple question to create a conversation and more awareness around the topic and is something that everyone is able to do.”

In a multitude of ways this relates to cycling. Chances are you’ve already created a support network of people who ride and train together. It is a great opportunity to ask someone if they are ok.

Visit the RUOK? website to utilise the tools they offer and learn how to help someone in need.

RUOK? Are proud supporters of the Bowral Classic event held in October. To donate or begin your fund raising campaign, visit the Bowral Classic Fundraising page here.