Woolworths, A Proud Supporter of the Bowral Classic

By 21 September 20162016 News

Located on Bong Bong Road in the heart of Bowral sits the home of the fresh food people, Woolworths.

Always stacked full of the freshest food and produce, Woolworths are proud supporters of the Bowral Classic event and have been kind enough to offer every rider a range of tasty snacks to boost their energy levels when they are low.

You’ll find 1,500 ripe bananas, 2,500 tasty muesli bars, 1,250 powerful protein bars, 250 dried fruit cakes and 450 bags of fun jelly snakes will be spread across each of the three rest stops along the route, all supplied by Woolworths Bowral.

The Woolworths Group support hundreds of local communities each year by providing supplies and funds to organisations like Oz Harvest and the Salvation Army as well as their school programs that promotes a healthy lifestyle for young children.

It is a big part of their mission to not only supply fresh food, but the knowledge to utilise what is available in a fun and accessible way. That’s why community sporting events are also a great time to for Woolworths to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to everyone.

When you’re in Bowral you will always be welcomed into Woolworths to share their passion for fitness and health.