Guidebook Run-Through

By 18 October 20162016 News

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who is signed up for the Bowral Classic. It is an exciting time and we want the event to be as enjoyable for you as it is for us!

It is crucial that every rider has digested all the details and information in the Bowral Classic Guidebook.

This article is a brief overview of each section to help you find all the details you need!

Follow along in the Guidebook right here,

Pre-event registration will take place in Bowral on the Saturday and the Sunday. You’ll find all that information on page 5 of the Guidebook.

Registrations are at the Imperial Hotel, 228-234 Bong Bong St, Bowral on Saturday from 1pm to 8pm and Sunday 5am to 7am. All riders must register prior to the event, here you will receive your timing chip, seat post number, jersey (If you ordered before June 30.) and event instructions.

On the following page you’ll find parking information for the day of the event.

You can park in the industrial area at Kirham and Kiama Streets, or in the surrounding streets near Bowral High School on Aitken Road. There is plenty of room at both locations and just a short ride back to the start line on Bong Bong Street.

Page 8 has the start line information. Take note of your start time and the start procedure before the day of the event, that information is in the key on the right of the page.

The Maxi Classic riders begin departing at 6:30am in waves of 75 in 2-minute intervals. The Midi Classic is next, departing at 7:35am in the same fashion. Finally the Mini Classic riders leave at 8:05am in waves of 20, with bikes that have baby seats in the last group.

Don’t forget about our epic post-event village set up in Eridge Park next to the velodrome.

Now you’re deeper into the Guidebook, you’ll begin to find the nitty-gritty course details relating to safety and a route overview for each distance.

Familiarise yourself with the route you registered for by reading the overview on page 13, 18 and 23. The overviews are followed by their respective rated safety hazards on page 14, 19 and 24.

All routes are signposted so you have no chance of getting lost.

Now, down to the rules and regulations.

Australian road rules apply and riding to the left hand side of the road is crucial for the safety of you and others using the road.

You must also ride with an Australian approved helmet at all times.

Get the lo-down on all the ins and outs of the event from page 26. There is an emergency contact number to save into your phone too! It is 0427 555 531.

Be courteous to other riders and give everyone a wave as they go by! Also, make your presence known if you’re overtaking a slower rider by saying, “Rider to your right”.

The rider safety briefings can be found here. It is also compulsory for riders to watch the briefing videos, it will explain everything you need to know!

Spectators are more than welcome and are encouraged! Find all the information about the best vantage points on page 33.

Finally, on page 35 we’ve created a checklist for things to pack on the day of the event. If you print it out you’ll have it right in front of you. It’s a good idea to lay your gear out the night before to make sure it will all be there in the morning. Also, check the predicted weather conditions when packing to make sure you gather the appropriate clothing.

Now you’re caught up and ready to roll! The aim is to have a safe and fun day on the bike – so, abiding by the rules and being courteous will help the day run smoothly especially when we expect thousands of people there!