KOM Segment Information and New Echapee Segment

By 18 October 20162016 News

Prepare yourself for a leg-burning trip up the Old Hume Highway in Yerrinbool on Sunday for the KOM segment. Conquer this beast then you’re on the home straight.

The KOM segment starts at the entrance to the rail bridge at 122km in – going up the hill in the direction of Bowral – soon after this old brick rail bridge it becomes two lanes going up the hill.

The KOM will finish approximately 1.4km up the hill from the KOM start where the road goes from two lanes into one again.

Give it your all going up this climb, the average gradient is just a touch under 6% with an elevation of 824 meters so it shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

We also met with NSW Police last week and they have required us to make changes to the sprint sections of the course. In lieu of these we have added a new uphill sprint section to the mix – the Echapee section starting at 98.4 km.

This segment is 1.4km long up a small incline to replace the sprint segment.

WebGet the low down on the Maxi course at the Bowral Classic website here, bowralclassic.com.au/the-course/maxi-classic.