Peak Performance: Endura Sports Nutrition’s ‘Tear ‘n’ Go’ Hydration Satchets

Rehydration – it’s one of the most critical aspects of our sport yet so often overlooked or not taken as seriously as it should be. From a purely personal point of view, I’m one of those cyclists who, for several years, primarily relied upon water as the go-to hydration fluid before, during and after cycling activities.

This, in part, was due to the convenience factor – or lack there of. Sure it’s easy to leave home with a bidon or two of hydration mix, but after filling your bottles halfway into a 50 to 100km ride how are you going to add those much-needed performance supplements?

Enter Endura’s ‘Tear ‘n Go’ rehydration satchets. These handy take-anywhere packs provide Endura’s race-proven formula of electrolytes and carbs, in convenient single-dose satchet that can easily be carried in your jersey pocket.

No More Excuses

There are now no excuses to not remain properly hydrated, and get those all-important electrolytes and minerals back into the system, during periods of serious exercise and effort. I’ve been using this mix from Endura for the past month while preparing for Bowral and have found it super convenient while offering a significant  energy, performance & recovery boost.

Lighten Up On October 23

If you’re registered to ride the 120km or 160km Bowral Classic routes you probably don’t want litres of pre-mixed electrolytes weighing you down. To make things easier simply carry 2 or 3 sachets with you, add water and you’ve got Australia’s premiere hydration/electrolyte formula ready to keep you going. The packs weigh just 25 g each – they’re an ultra-light hydration option that won’t weigh you down.

Tear ’n’ Go Convenience

Each sachet contains a single dose of Endura’s popular Performance Fuel Hydration formula. It’s loaded with 20 grams of carbs, and a comprehensive range of essential electrolytes, including sodium, calcium and potassium. There’s also the company’s exclusive highly absorbable magnesium known as ‘Meta Mag’ to help keep muscles working at their best.

Measured Hydration Made Simple

For on-the-go isotonic hydration, simply mix one sachet with a small bidon (350mL) of water or two sachets with a large (700mL) bottle. For a less concentrated (hypotonic) mix, just mix one sachet with 600mL of water.

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When you need to fit your training and racing around a busy lifestyle, you want a hydration option that’s ready to go wherever and whenever you are. The NEW Rehydration Performance Fuel Race Packs provide Endura’s race-proven formula of electrolytes and carbs, in convenient single-dose sachets that easily stash in your pocket, race belt or travel bag, making on-the-go hydration as easy as tear…pour…GO! #fuelledbyendura

Posted by Endura Sports Nutrition on Thursday, 13 July 2017