The Body Mechanic – Why you really need a bike and body fit

By 30 April 2019Sponsors News

The Bowral Classic is proud to be partnering with the guys at The Body Mechanic with the simple message – bike fits are for everyone!

Whether you are new to cycling or you have been riding for years, a bike fit is essential to your comfort, performance and efficiency on the bike. In the Bowral Classic, you will be on the bike for a long time. To make the ride an enjoyable day, you need to be comfortable. A properly fitted bike means that you will be in a riding position that lets you ride for a long time at a high intensity and stay comfortable the entire time.

An expert Bike Fit can also help to prevent overuse injuries that often result from an improper position. Knee pain, lower back pain and numb hands are three of the most common repercussions we see of a poorly fitted bike. The exact ideal bike position varies a lot from person to person, depending on factors like age, style of riding, and physical attributes like flexibility and core stability. At the Body Mechanic we fit your body to the bike as much as the bike to your body! Unlike a standard bike fit, we assess your body’s biomechanics to identify any areas which need to be addressed.

Tight hamstrings, for example, mean you shouldn’t be reaching too low or too far forwards to the bars. Based on this biomechanical screening process we provide you with a personalised exercise program to correct any weakness or imbalance. This will ultimately make you a stronger rider.

Your bike fitting session with The Body Mechanic will include:

  1. On-and-off the bike biomechanical and injury assessment.
  2. Adjustment of your riding position taking into account your biomechanical traits, your riding goals and your skill level.
  3. Bike fit report including key biomechanical findings, your bike measurements and any recommendations to optimise your fit further.
  4. Individualised exercise program intended to improve your riding efficiency and minimise injury risk.
  5. Pre- and post-bike fit video with analysis and summary of the changes made.

The Body Mechanic team specialise in bike and body fits. Our professional experienced cyclists, fitters and sports physio’s understand what you need to make your ride great. All entrants in this year’s Bowral Classic receive 25% off a Complete Bike and Body fit by The Body Mechanic. This special offer is available when you book The Complete Bike and Body Fit, which includes an expert Bike Service. The Complete Bike Fit will take approx. 2 hours. Full details of the offer are included below.

We recommend coming in as soon as possible so you get the maximum benefit in your training and avoid injury in the lead up to your race.

Call us to take advantage of this offer on 02 9955 5842.