Less than 10 weeks to go – Top 5 Bowral Preparation Tips

By 27 August 20192019 News

It’s just eight weeks until the Bowral Classic rolls into town on Sunday, 20 October!

Two months out is the perfect time to take a closer look at three aspects that will help make the trip a standout success – your personal preparation, bike preparation and training advice.

While the cooler weather may not be the most appealing time the year to be fine tuning for an event, here are five tips to have you best prepared for the Bowral Classic.

Take on the Training Plan

This 8-week online training program has been custom designed by the professionals at The Body Mechanic to prepare you for this exciting event with advice for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. No matter what level of cyclist you are, The Body Mechanic team have got you covered.

Have A Professional Check Your Bike Fit

Periodically, it is well worth ensuring you’re getting optimum performance from your bike. Over the final two months of Bowral Classic training – and for the event itself – we want you to be as comfortable and efficient as possible. It’s important to get your bike fit sorted as soon as possible – a visit to your trusted local bike shop or a bike fit professional will certainly help.

When was your bike last serviced?

Mechanical problems can creep up slowly and do have a habit of occurring at the worst possible time. Bike servicing is a small investment in ensuring optimum performance, peace of mind and longevity of your beloved bike. Did you know there could be ten wasted watts or more through your drivetrain alone!

With just two months to go now’s the time to beat the rush, book your machine into your local bike shop, and have it serviced in time for October.

Goal Setting

Whether you are riding the 35km Social Classic, 90km Rouleurs Classic, 120km Challenge Classic or 175km Maxi Classic, we’d recommend looking closely at the course maps and elevation profiles and matching or gradually increasing your training rides to the distance and climbing involved on the day.

Planning is a critical component of success. Set your goals and stick to them using helpful apps such as Strava, Garmin Connect or Map My Ride. Logging your hours or kilometres even via a simple note on the fridge can help you stick to your end goal. Make a pact with riding buddies, stick to not only meet ups but your individual and weekly targets, and steadily build strength and form so you’re best prepared for the event.

Prepare Inside

If your reading this in the cold southern states you’ll know full well that winter mornings are not conducive to being outdoors. Fortunately riders can now enjoy the luxury and convenience of training hard for events such as Noosa from the comfort of home.

Platforms such as Zwift make winter training enjoyable, competitive, motivational and productive!

Combine a smart trainer with an online training platform and you can (virtually) ride the world. For more on indoor training see this helpful article.