Five Years of the Bowral Classic: The Images

By 14 May 20202020 News

This year marks the fifth edition of the Bowral Classic. A long-held dream of founder James Yaffa, it has progressed from a bunch of eager riders back in 2016 to one of the biggest Gran Fondos in Australia. 

As part of a new series, we’ll be taking a trip down memory lane to celebrate what’s great about the Bowral Classic. 

First up, photos! 

Over the years we’ve been fortunate to have a bunch of talented photographers on hand to capture the magic of ride day. 

So enjoy some of these classic snaps from down the years!


The inaugural Bowral Classic saw riders experience the majestic Southern Highlands for the first time. Safe to say Phil Latz captured the beauty perfectly.




The second Bowral Classic built upon the success of 2016, as you can see from these great shots by Beardy McBeard.


Beardy was again on hand in 2018 to capture the inspirational side of this Gran Fondo.


Last year’s event was the biggest one yet, thanks in no small part to the man in pink, Lee Turner! Photos are from Beardy (top) and Tim Levy (bottom).