By 1 July 20212021 News

Fisiocrem are sharing their tips and tricks on how to recover for this year’s Bowral Classic.


Dehydration can delay the recovery process, so stay hydrated during your ride by drinking a 500ml bottle of water per hour. Once off the bike ensure to keep up the fluid’s intake with water or your favourite recovery drink.


Eat a meal rich in carbohydrates and protein. Protein is proven to decrease exercise induced muscle damage to promote muscle repair. Carbohydrate stores will also need to be restored, so replenish them with a carb-rich snack such as Greek yogurt and fruit.

Active Recovery

You may not travel with a massage therapist but the Fisiocrem team do! We will be at Noosa classic providing free massage to help ease those muscle aches and pains after your long ride, so be sure to come visit the Fisiocrem marquee.

Can’t visit the Fisiocrem team?

Loosen up your body after your ride by stretching, foam rolling or giving yourself a massage with some Fisiocrem to encourage blood flow and assist with muscle tightness. The power of a great massage lies in the technique. Here’s how to improve your at-home leg massages:⁠ ⁠

🌼  Cup your hands and squeeze down your calves⁠

🌼  Use a gentle chopping motion and work down your quad muscles⁠

🌼  Use your fingers for the least pressure, and your palm and elbows for the most pressure⁠

🌼  Apply a squeeze of fisiocrem to the area to reduce friction⁠ ⁠

Rest up

Muscle building hormones surge while you’re asleep, so sleep time is healing time, so be sure to get a full night’s sleep.

Be sure to visit the Fisiocrem tent at this year’s event village for your free massage after your ride!