GU Energy is the OG portable energy solution, developed over 25 years ago to help ultra-athletes push the boundaries of sport.

Fast forward and GU discovered their energy gels are just as crucial for someone running their first 10km or riding their first Classic cycling event, as they are for world champ endurance athletes.

Why? Because when you’re working out, your body needs easily digestible energy to keep you feeling good and performing at your best. GU help you, give your body, a source of fuel to burn through. And they do it in a way that means you can fuel on-the-go.

Whilst your body will store fuel from your daily diet to convert into energy during shorter and low-intensity activities, if you’re planning on working out at a hard intensity or for longer than around 45 minutes, you’ll run out of available fuel – leading to that dreaded energy bonk. And no one needs that.

They’ve kept it simple. The ingredients your body needs in a tasty, portable, and easy-to-digest form – that’s our original Energy Gel. GU have done the hard work, the research, the testing, and the recipe building to delivery you fuel for your favourite athletic pursuits.

What’s in a GU Energy Gel? Ingredients to feel good and perform better!

Carbohydrates – an efficient blend of carbs to deliver more energy as efficiently as possible.

Electrolytes – to replace sodium lost sweat and support hydration.

Amino Acids – to support muscle and help decrease fatigue.

Happy riding!

You’ll be able to pick up GU Energy products at this year’s Bowral Classic!

Find out more information about GU here.