Why We Love The Bowral Classic

By 9 September 20212021 News

Your Bowral Classic ambassadors are a passionate bunch of riders! We wanted to share their positivity with you and bring you 5 reasons why they love to ride the Bowral Classic!

Gareth D

  1. It’s a great chance to catch up with friends from all over NSW!
  2. I love the carnival atmosphere of the weekend.
  3. Beautiful countryside to ride through in the Southern Highlands.
  4. It’s always a challenging course (but very rewarding).
  5. Keeps me training through the Canberra Winter.

Diego and Megan

  1. The beautiful scenery of the course around Bowral and the surrounds.
  2. A weekend away in a beautiful country town with friends, eating, catching up and drinking wine!
  3. Being able to visit some of the amazing wineries in the region.
  4. The village feel at the end of the ride where you can catch up on all the stories from everyone’s adventures, struggles and triumphs.
  5. The awesome organisation of the event, and the enthusiasm of the organisers and the many volunteers that help along the way.

Diego also saids: “I love Bowral! I just do! Mainly because of James Yaffa, he’s a dream boat!”


  1. Being able to finally get out of the 5km radius!
  2. Seeing all my friends out and sharing our passion of cycling.
  3. The quaint old buildings, towns and scenery.
  4. Having dinner and drinks with friends!
  5. Being able to have a little holiday, that is really accessible!


Heres why Dougal and his team- The High Street Flyers, love the Bowral Classic!

  1. Fantastic carnival atmosphere so different to our regular ride outings.
  2. Stunning scenery in the Southern Highlands. Awesome to ride through this amazing part of the State.
  3. Well organised and supported with amazing volunteers and heaps of locals cheering you on!
  4. Great opportunity to get your ride buddies together for a weekend away, doing something we love and enjoying good local food and hospitality
  5. There is a ride for all types of cyclists – from those looking for the challenge of a longer ride as well as those who just want to get out and have some fun in the great outdoors!


  1. It’s not just an event, it’s a community. You get to know the people who ride and put on all the Classic events.
  2. The course is challenging yet rewarding with amazing roads and scenery.
  3. The Bowral community get amongst the action lining the roads with cowbells and etc. This makes for a great vibe especially when you’re at the back end of the course and starting to hurt.
  4. A weekend away in a country town, my family meet me there and we use it as a family weekend away.
  5. Far from my favourite thing but my mom loves to come to the Bowral Classic as a spectator and she loves the antique shop!


  1. Cycling with people whom enjoy cycling as much as I do!
  2. Challenging myself in the more difficult courses.
  3. The gorgeous scenery of the Southern Highlands.
  4. The atmosphere of the Village at the end of the big ride!
  5. Meeting new people.

A huge thanks to all our ambassadors for getting involved in this fun project! We can’t wait to see you all at the Bowral Classic.