Don’t Know What To Wear When Gravel Riding?

By 9 November 20212021 News, Dirty Bowral

Gravel riding and its continued climb up the popularity ladder has introduced a whole new world of cycling style and an entirely different kit game to that of the road.

The key component? Comfort. Less of the aerodynamics chit chat and more of the ‘let’s ride for hours on end, get a little lost and feel a million bucks all day’.

For the avid gravel grinders, to the novices preparing for your first event – selecting your clothing for training and race day is an important part of your prep to ensure you rock up to that start line feeling great, ready to face whatever conditions are thrown your way.

Black Sheep Cycling are big believers in quality, breathable materials, made for adventure and designed to handle hot and cold conditions. So, you can sweat like crazy, or soak up that unexpected rain shower and still get to the finish line grinning from ear to ear.

If you’re aiming to give it a nudge and are heading into the event with your game face on, ready to rip those trails to shreds, then Black Sheep’s natural Merino jersey is our top pick for you. Coupled with a pair of trusty Adventure bibs built for all-day comfort, a chamois that doesn’t chafe and handy pockets to carry your essentials on race day. Who knows when that emergency gel or sweet-tooth stash may be needed.

If you’re more about the laid back vibes, loose fit and just having a good old time out there exploring, then you may be all about the slightly more casual ‘shorts, tee’ combo. Opt for the Adventure Dirty Shorts and you’ve got your look sorted, you’re prepared for whatever challenges you may encounter out there and you’re guaranteed good feels only. Match that with an Active Cotton or Merino tee and you’ll be raring to rock the trails. Right through to the finish line, where the post-race festivities and that well-deserved cold beverage will be beckoning. 

One thing to take away: Be prepared, but don’t overthink it. 

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