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In 2004 Italian company Kask was birthed with the purpose of servicing the safety demands for a range of outdoor sporting disciplines, as well as providing a perfect balance of technological excellence, functionality and the aesthetic appeal of Italian craftsmanship. Kask call their design process a CSD project: Comfort – Safety – Design.

With this in mind Kask have designed a range of helmets in collaboration with key sporting teams to create products that delivers the highest performance.

One of those key teams is Team Sky, who collaboratively developed the new Kask Protone.

protone fronte

The Protone has the lowest drag co-efficient and fastest heat dissipation among any ventilated helmet and is complimented by some amazing looks. It’s a winning combination worn by some of the world’s best athletes to give them their competitive edge.

protone interno

The Protone weighs in at just 215grams and features an innovative multi-layer open cell 3D Dry padding and includes CoolMax® fabric that has been treated using the Sanitized® antimicrobial process and is removable and washable.

Several ventilation holes reduce the head-to-pad contact surface by 70% compared to standard designs and offers maximum comfort whilst wicking moisture away from the head toward the outer shell.

The polycarbonate cover for the top, base ring and back of the helmet is joined to the inner polystyrene cap using Kask’s In-Moulding Technology to improve the shell’s shock absorption, along with the internal plastic sub-structure which reinforces the top area to increase crash protection and helmet integrity after impact.

protone retro

The clasp on the rear of the helmet suits any head shape and is very adjustable and supportive without being restrictive. The Protone also incorporates a self-adjusting lateral divider, that once the anti-allergy eco-leather chinstrap is fastened the divider moves to fit comfortably around the ear lobe with minimal adjustment.

Kask pay close attention to detail, even down to the reflector placed across the back of the helmet, it is a one of a kind display of ingenuity.

Italiatech who are Kask’s official Australian distributor are a sponsor of the 2016 Bowral Classic.