King/Queen of the Mountain: What can Maxi Classic riders expect?

By 9 August 20192019 News

The King/Queen of the Mountain classifications have provided some of the best highlights in the Grand Tours down the years and riders can make some of their own in the 2019 Bowral Classic.

Participants of the 175km flagship course will have the chance to test out their climbing ability on the formidable Oxley Hill.

At the end of Wombeyan Caves Road (just over 65km in) riders will head right and back to Bowral, and as they turn left onto Centennial Road riders the KOM/QOM will be upon them!

It’s only a mere 1.2km in distance, but at around 11% on average gradient, a real test. We reckon this hill will help break up the pelotons and will be a super test for all riders. Click here for the Strava link to practice!

Last year we sat down with rider Harry Kooros and asked him what it was about Oxley HIll that made it worthy of being the ride’s timed uphill.

“The infamous Oxleys Hill is a deceivingly difficult climb,” Kooros said.

“At only 1.29km it’ll feel 10 times that length. At an average gradient of 11%, you will climb nearly 140 meters in very painful 5-10 minute effort.

“The best way to post your quickest time is debatable.

“It’s difficult to find a rhythm up this climb which makes it all the more painful. In my opinion you need to start easy…very easy. It may look short but it gets longer the more you keep riding. Each bend you go around you are shown what lays ahead of you next.”

The titles of King/Queen of the Mountain are very prestigious and although the Bowral Classic isn’t a race this segment does add a bit of healthy competition into the mix!