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Tested: Gtechniq’s Ultimate Bike Care Box

By 3 July 20242024 News

In what is quite possible the world’s most comprehensive bike care & cleaning kit, we’ve recently been trying and testing 5+kilograms of specialist products from GTECHNIQ.

In business since 2001 and available globally, GTECHNIQ specialise in three areas of cleaning – automotive, marine and bike. The science behind what makes dirt and grime stick, and the development of advanced surface protection led to the creation of the company GTECHNIQ being founded by a quantum physicist in 2001.

So what’s in the GTECHNIQ Ultimate Bike Care Box, and how does it perform?

Bike Clean, 1 litre. A natural citrus oil based cleaner, this performed well and easily removed grime, grease marks from the chain stay, and marks under the down tube. It’s a biodegradable cleaner and wasn’t harsh on the bike or the hands.

Bike Clean Concentrate, 500ml. Similar to the above but in concentrated form, this cleaner can be used to top up the 1l bottle at a ratio of 5 to 1. The 500ml will therefore give 2.5l of bike cleaner. Add to that the big bottle and there’s a total of 3.5l included, which certainly helps cushion the overall purchase price.

Bike Wash: 500ml. This is a high foam cleaner, similar to the ‘foamer brush’ you may see at a local car wash. The science behind the foamer is that it helps break the bond between any muck and your bike frame, wheels, tyres, saddle etc.

Drivetrain Degreaser: 500ml. Described as a highly-concentrated degreaser / cleaner, this is ideal for chains, cassettes and derailleurs. The full cleaning kit comes with four spray triggers – add a trigger to this half-litre bottle, spray the drivetrain, and within minutes it will glisten like new.

Bike Ceramic Kit: This is a small box within the main kit that’s designed to help repel dirt and maintain durable external protection. Inside the box is a 15ml bottle of ceramic based cleaning fluid along with a special frame preparation liquid. There are also applicator pads, a buffing cloth and protective gloves. GTECHNIQ claim the ceramic surface coating offers up to two years of adhesion protection from the likes of road grime and brake dust … impressive!

Ceramic Quick Coat: This is a 500ml spray application that helps repel dirt from the frameset. GTECHIQ say it provides 6-months of protection

Tri Clean & Kit Protector: Both 500ml bottles and suitable for the included spray nozzles, these cleaning products are designed for helmets, clothing and indoor trainers. The Kit Protector is said to repel water from knicks or jerseys for up to 10 wash cycles, as well as making kit feel softer and smell fresher.

In addition to the above the ‘Ultimate Bike Care’ box includes a specialist microfibre wash mitt, a bike detailing bris, bike drying towel and microfibre cloth.

Overall, the products ooze class and professionalism, work exceptionally well, and have left our long-term review bike looking sparkling clean. We’re Impressed!

Want to WIN your very own GTECHNIQ Bike Care Kit? More info here. Good Luck!