Ashton’s Story: Help Support Brain Cancer Research

Ashton is a bright and bubbly, footy-loving high schooler living in Sydney with his parents Lauren and Greg.

In 2019 Ashton was diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma (brain cancer). During the 12 months following surgery to remove the tumour, Ashton underwent intense radiation & chemotherapy treatment.  While the surgery went well with successful retraction of the tumour, it has left Ashton with double vision and has impacted the left side of his body including his balance.

Lauren and Greg were supported by family, friends and the local community to enter teams into the 120km and 35km rides to support their charity and will be attending the Mudgee Classic.

Lauren and Greg reached out to our team at the Mudgee Classic to spread awareness for Ashton and his family. We are so proud to be involved in supporting Ashton, Greg and Lauren and their chosen charity.

We spoke with Greg earlier this year regarding Ashton’s story and rehabilitation. Don’t forget to donate to Team Elevate (link below) and support The Cure for Brain Cancer Foundation this Mudgee Classic weekend.

How is his rehabilitation going?

For the last two years, Ashton has undergone extensive rehabilitation including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and OT to enable him to walk and gain full movement within his left arm, hand and leg. Ash is progressing slowly however making positive gains with the assistance of his physio team and his at home work out program. Improvements to his balance and ability to walk on his own are his main focus. His continued dedication will also assist with another goal of being able to gain his learners licence as most 16 year old’s crave.

There have obviously been some very difficult times but meeting his heroes at the Parramatta Eels must have been a highlight! Can you tell us a little about that?

Just prior to COVID lock downs last year with the assistance of the Team at Parramatta Eels & Men of League we were able to organise a surprise visit for Ash to the Eels new training facility to meet some of his idols. It was a perfectly timed visit as the Eels had played Canterbury the  night before and all the first grade team were at the training facility the next morning for their rehab session when we arrived. It was amazing for Ash (and our family) that the players took time out from their work out sessions to introduce themselves to him and spend time sharing stories and words of encouragement. A massive thanks to Nathan Brown, Regan Campbell Gillard & Clint Gutherson who went above and beyond all expectations for Ash. Even a private tour of the dressing sheds with Brownie pushing Ash in his wheel chair is something none of us will ever forget and we will be forever grateful.

A lot of people are encouraging and supporting Ashton – what does this mean to him?

Encouragement for Ash from his family, friends & mates, the teams at Westmead and Campbelltown Hospitals and Shorrocks Human Movement & Rehab Services, plus a massive shout out to all staff of his High School (Magdalene Catholic College) who have been essential throughout his Radiation & Chemo therapy treatments, recovery and follow up treatments plus transition back  to school. Also for Ash adjusting to everyday life either in his wheel chair or walking with assistance is all made a little easier with the support network he has around him.

And Mudgee Classic riders have an opportunity to get involved- can you tell us more about this.

Elevate Corporate Services have entered teams in the 35 & 120km rides raising funds for Cure For Brain Cancer.

How can I donate?

You can show your support by donating using this link:

All donations will go to the Cure for Brain Cancer Foundation.

Ashton with his mum and dad