Rider Information

Information for Mudgee Classic riders.
Still have questions? Email [email protected]

Mudgee Classic COVID Safety Plan

Event Organisers are working closely with the NSW Government and following advice from NSW Health to put on a COVID-safe event. In addition to the below safety protocols, Event Organisers will also closely follow the guidelines as outlined by NSW Public Health Order at the time of the event.

  •   Smaller waves of riders at the Start Line
  •   Encouraging social distancing for all event staff and event participants at Start and Finish Lines, Event Village area and at all rest stops
  •   Implementing contact tracing methods
  •   Making hand sanitiser stations available
  •   Cleaning and sanitising common use surfaces and areas (such as toilets) at regular intervals
  •   Briefing staff, volunteers and officials on event COVID practices
  •   Appointing a COVID Marshall on event day
  •   The serving of food to be done wearing disposable gloves at the Event Village and rest stops
  •   Increasing the size of Event Village and rest stop areas to allow for adequate social distancing

We advise participants and / or spectators not to attend if they are displaying any COVID symptoms.

Registration kit collection & merchandise swaps

Registration Kits

If you register on or before 27 March 2022 you will have the option to collect your registration kit, including any ordered merchandise, at the Event Village or have it mailed to your nominated address mid-April.

If you register after 27 March 2022 you can collect your registration kit, including any ordered merchandise, at the Event Village on Saturday 30 April (1:00pm-4:00pm) or Sunday 1 May (6.00am-7.00am).

If there is a problem with your registration kit, or you wish to transfer ride categories, please come to the Event Village on Saturday afternoon (1:00pm-4:00pm) or Sunday morning (6.00am-7.00am).

Merchandise Swaps

If you wish to swap your jersey for a different size, please bring your jersey in its original packaging to the Event Village on Saturday (1:00pm-4:00pm). Please note: jersey sizes are limited and we may not be able to accommodate all sizing requests.

The Event Village is located at Glen Willow Regional Sports Complex (Ulan Rd & Pitts Lane, Mudgee NSW 2850).

What is included in your registration kit?

The following will be included in your registration kit?

  •  A rider sticker sheet, which includes your rider number. Rider numbers also include a silver timing chip. Please remove the backing paper and fold the sticker with your rider number around your seat post, with the number facing the rear of the bike. Note: Do not attach the sticker prior to transporting the bike on the exterior of a vehicle. High-speed travel is likely to cause the sticker to fray and tear, which may make it unusable.
  •  Maps of the course, Start and Finish lines and Event Village.
  •  Drink token for a free beer or wine at the Event Village.
  • Any merchandise you have ordered.

Cancellations, refunds & category transfers

Cancellation requests must be emailed through to [email protected].

Riders that purchase the Entry Cancellation Insurance at the time of registration will have their entry fee refunded in full. Insurance is not valid if added retrospectively after registering.

Cancellation requests must be received at least 24 hours prior to the event day. Postage and merchandise will not be refunded if already mailed out. No additional fees or costs associated with participating in the Mudgee Classic are covered by the Event Cancellation Insurance, e.g. accommodation or travel costs. If the whole event is cancelled, e.g. due to COVID restrictions or weather, all riders will be covered under the Event Cancellation Policy.

For riders who do not purchase Entry Cancellation Insurance, cancellations that are received by 27 March 2022 will be refunded 50% of the entry fee. No refunds or deferrals will be offered for cancellations received after 27 March, 2022.

We will consider transferring a registration to another person if a rider is injured and provides a medical certificate at least 7 days prior to the event. It is the rider’s responsibility to transfer the Rider Identification Sticker if the registration kit has already been mailed out.

Should the Event Organisers cancel the event due to adverse weather conditions, all riders will be given a 50% refund.

Should the Event Organisers cancel the event due to COVID, all riders have the option to defer their registration free of charge or receive a refund on their entry fee minus a $25 admin fee. Any merchandise purchased will not be refunded.

To update your registration (e.g. change course distances or update your contact details), please access via this link.

If you have received your registration kit and wish to change course categories, please visit the Registration Tent at the Event Village on Saturday 30 April between 1:00-4:00pm or Sunday 1 May between 6:00am-7:00am.

For full terms and conditions regarding event cancellation, please click here.

eBikes, TT Bars & other bike restrictions

eBikes are only permitted in the 40km Social Classic and 70km Rouleurs Classic courses. The eBike category must be selected at the time of registration.

Time Trial (TT) bars are not permitted in the Mudgee Classic.

If your chosen bike is anything other than a road bike, please email [email protected] to request approval for its use in the Mudgee Classic.

Safety Briefing Video

The Safety Briefing Videos contain important event information relevant to your course. Please ensure you view your course briefing before the event day.

CLICK HERE to view the Safety Briefing Video

Download Rider Guide

CLICK HERE to download the Rider Guide.

The Rider Guide contains all the important information you need for the event weekend, including information on Start Line procedure, registration collection, rest stops, on course support, and more!

Start Times & Start Line information


Church Street (outside St Marys Catholic Church), Mudgee.
A ride briefing will take place before each start wave.

Subject to change

7:00-7:30am: 180km Maxi Classic
● 7:30-8:00am: 130km Challenge Classic
● 8:00-8:30am: 70km Rouleurs Classic
● 8:30-8:40am: 40km Social Classic

Note: Riders will go off in intervals of approximately 75 riders.
It is compulsory to have your identification sticker firmly attached to your seat post.


The following cafes are located on the Start Line and will be open from 6.00am on Sunday, 1 May.

  • Outside the Square
    83-85 Mortimer St, Mudgee NSW 2850
  • Butcher Shop Cafe
    49 Church St, Mudgee NSW 2850
  • OCo + The Juice
    70 Church St, Mudgee NSW 2850


● Start line – Church St, Mudgee
● Finish Line/Event VillageGlen Willow Regional Sports Complex, Mudgee


Parking spots are available at these areas:

Ulan Rd & Pitts Lane, Mudgee NSW 2850
This is the recommended parking spot as there is
a cycle path direct to the Start Line on Church St.
Distance to the Start Line is 1.5km.
Parking at Glen Willow is open from 4:00am – 5:00pm
on Sunday, 1 May. Gates will be locked at dusk.
No parking along Pitts Lane within Glen Willow.

Mudgee Council Carpark – 51 Short St, Mudgee
Byron Place – off Perry St, Mudgee
Both parking spots are 500m from the Start Line
and 1.5km from the Event Village at Glen Willow.
These sites are expected to fill fast so please be
aware you may need to park elsewhere.

Mudgee Classic Event Village / Finish Line

The Event Village is located at Glen Willow Regional Sports Complex:
Ulan Rd & Pitts Lane, Mudgee NSW 2850

Saturday, 30 April 2022

Open: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

What: Kit collection and event information. Bike mechanics will be available for basic repairs. A limited number of sponsor stalls will be open.

Sunday, 1 May 2022


When: 6:00am to 7:00am

What: Kit collection and event information. Bike mechanics will be available for basic repairs. 


When: 10:00am to 4:00pm

What: The Event Village will operate on Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm and will be a lively hub of activity as riders cross the finish line throughout the day.

 Live music
Gourmet food stalls
Beer, wine, soft drink
Local produce and wares
Massage tent
Children’s activities and entertainment
Cycling expo
 Chill out zone

How to attach your rider number

A rider sticker sheet, including your rider number, is included in your rider pack.

Seat Post Stickers also include a silver timing chip. Please remove the backing paper and fold the sticker with your rider number around your seat post, with the number facing the rear of the bike.

Note: Do not attach the sticker prior to transporting the bike on a vehicle. High-speed travel is likely to cause the sticker to fray and tear, making it unusable.

Rules & rider behaviour

The Mudgee Classic is held on open roads. All road rules apply.
If a cyclist is found to be in breach of road rules organisers will disqualify and remove cyclist from event.

•  No more than two riders side-by-side unless overtaking.

Please ensure you have reviewed the following NSW Road Rules.

 Obey all road rules and directions from Police and Traffic Controllers.

 On narrow country roads bicycle riders must avoid being a hazard to traffic.

 Ride on the left hand side of the road.

• Respect signs which have been put in place by the event organiser.

• Wear an Australian approved helmet at all times: no helmet = no ride.

Any person participating in the event, must obey directions given by a member of the NSW Police Force or Ride Referee

 At the Ride Referees discretion, riders may be withdrawn from the event if they are outside the designated cut-off times and their safety cannot be reasonably ensured.

 While every effort has been made to mark out and officiate the course route, it remains the riders responsibility to be conversant with the ride route. Cyclists are reminded that road cycling can be considered a dangerous sport and whilst all reasonable care is taken by organisers and officials when organising an event, all participants have an equal responsibility to ensure they take all reasonable care by adhering to the road rules and other conditions imposed by ride officials, ensuring a safe ride environment for all concerned.

Emergency & Event contacts

Ambulance, Police, Fire:  000

Emergency Hotline: 0447 463 614
Event Hotline: 0447 182 425

Please note the Emergency and Event hotlines will not be turned on until the weekend of the Mudgee Classic. These numbers are also listed on your seat post sticker.

If you need to get in touch with event organisers prior to the event weekend, please email [email protected].

There will be an ambulance on course along with a designated first aid response team with two vehicles on course.

Emergency medical staff will be clearly identified with high-vis vests and name tags.

Bike preparation

Come prepared, check your bike in for a service, put on new tires, check your brakes, cables, chain, lube etc. Please do not arrive to the start with a bike that needs a full service.

Saturday 30 April- there will be mechanics at Registration at Glen Willow from 1:00pm – 4:00pm.

Sunday 1 May- there will be mechanics at the Start area on Church St. There will also be a mechanics roaming on course.

What you need for the ride

Riders are to be self-reliant. Riders should carry:

•  2x water biddons
  Some nutrition, e.g. banana, muesli bar
•  2 x tubes
  C02 head unit and canisters
  Puncture kit
•  Front and rear lights
  Mobile phone
•  Glasses
•  Appropriate cycle related clothing
•  Some money

Wear an Australian approved helmet at all times: no helmet = no ride

Nutrition & hydration

This is a Sunday ride but not like your usual hit out. Two factors cannot be underestimated:
• Even at 30km/h riders will be out for 5-plus hours on the bike.
• Riders should consume one gram of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight per hour.

Eating and drinking by the time you feel hungry/thirsty will be too late.

Every rider should carry some nutrition e.g. gels, bananas, muesli bars. Also riders are encouraged to carry 2 x 750 ml water biddons.

Riders will have access to at least 1 rest stop on course.

Plan to drink all your fluids by the time you get to the next station.

Remember to slip, slop slap!
At rest stops there will be a water station, food, and First Aid kits. 


Mudgee during May:

Mean Max 18.0°C
Mean Min 5°C
Average Rain 48.8mm
Average Rain Days 5.3
Source: http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/averages/tables/cw_062021.shtml

Sunrise: 6:35 AM
Sunset: 5:20 PM
Source: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/australia/mudgee?month=5&year=2020

Please be prepared! It is your responsibility to carry what you may need during the ride.


The Event Management takes no responsibility for any valuables lost before / during or after the event.

Cyclists and insurance

Insurance is compulsory. During the registration process, you will be asked to note your current insurance cover and insurance number (ie. AusCycling). Your current insurance will need to cover you for the Mudgee Classic day event. If you do not have appropriate insurance, you will be asked to take out day insurance, Personal Accident Cover.

The cost of this cover is $10 per rider. Please click here for the Insurance FAQs.

Team rankings

Team rankings will be based in the Top Four times of each team. If only three cross the line, that team will not receive a team result.

Age restrictions

The minimum age for the 180km Maxi, 130km Challenge and 70km Rouleurs rides is 12 years old. Riders aged 12-16 must hold an AusCycling Race Licence.

The minimum age for the 40km Social Classic is 10 years old. Please note that any riders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult if they do not hold an AusCycling Race Licence.


Any rider wishing to protest his/her timing or report an infringement by another rider should visit the Tomato Timing tent at the Event Village or email [email protected] post-event.

Please note- the Mudgee Classic is a ride not a race.

Event Terms & Conditions

For 2022 Mudgee Classic Terms & Conditions CLICK HERE