Rider Guide Information

If you’ve registered for this years Mudgee Classic, you should now have received your Rider Guide.

In the guide you’ll find the following:

 A rider sticker sheet, which includes your rider number. Rider numbers also include a silver timing chip. Please remove the backing paper and fold the sticker with your number around your seat post, with the number facing the rear of the bike. Note: Do not attach the sticker prior to transporting the bike on the exterior of a vehicle. High-speed travel is likely to damage the sticker which may make it unusable.

 Maps of the course, Start and Finish lines and Event Village.

 Drink token for a free beer or wine at the Event Village.

› Any merchandise you have ordered.

If you haven’t received any of these, please email us.

Please see a link to the PDF version of the rider guide and please take some time out of your day to watch our very important safety briefing video which is also linked below!

Rider Guide: https://cyclingclassics.com.au/mudgee/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2021/04/13148-MGC-rider-guide.pdf

Safety Briefing Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6TtErW4ttk

Haven’t registered yet? It’s not too late! Registrations for the 170 Maxi Classic are still open until Sunday the 25th of April. Click here  to register now! 

Still have questions? E-mail [email protected]

See you there!